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The church Sourp Asdvadzadzin in Baghdad (Church of the Holy Mother of God, “Miskinta”)

The Armenian church Sourp Asdvadzadzin (Holy Mother of God, also called Miskinta) lies at 33°20’45.66″N 44°23’11.88″E and 46 metres above sea level, in the district of Al-Mīdan in Baghdad, 400 metres from the eastern bank of the Tigris River. It is the oldest church in Baghdad still in use today.

St Peter and St Paul Cathedral in Baghdad (Mar Petros and Mar Paulos)

The Syriac-Orthodox St Peter and St Paul Cathedral stands at 33°18’46.98″N. 44°26’26.02″E. and 39 metres above sea level, in the very heart of Baghdad’s town centre, on the eastern bank of the Tigris River.

Cathedral Sayidat al Najat (Our Lady of the Salvation or Our Lady of Perpetual Help) in Baghdad

The cathedral church Sayidat-al-Najat (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) is located in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital city, in the district of Al Karadah al Sharquiya, 33°18’25.49″N 44°25’34.28″E, at 39 metres above sea level.

Mart Shmoni Church in Baghdede (Qaraqosh)

The Syriac-Orthodox Mart Shmoni church in Baghdede (Qaraqosh) lies 36°15’58.44″N 43°22’31.17″E and 273 metres high.

Mart Shmoni church in Baghdede has been burnt out by ISIS.

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Mar Sarkis and Bakus Church in Baghdede

The Syriac Orthodox church of Saints Sarkis and Bakus in Baghdede (Qaraqosh) lies 36°16’03.4″N 43°22’31.9″E and 273 metres high.

Mart Mariam Church in Bartella

The Syriac Orthodox Mart Mariam church in Bartella lies at 36°21’9.58”N 43°22’46.73”E and 289 metres high.

Mart Shmoni Church in Ankawa

Mart Shmoni church in Ankawa lies at 36°14’5.86″N 43°59’17.50″Eand 409 metres high.

Between 2014 and 2016, Mart Shmoni was used as a refuge for thousands of displaced people from all over the Nineveh Plain.

Mar Yohanna al Ma’amadan Cathedral in Ankawa

The cathedral of the Assyrian Church of the East, Mar Yohanna al Ma’amadan (Saint John the Baptist) lies at 36°13’55.46″N 43°59’36.61″E and 410 metres high, in the city of Ankawa.

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