The organization

Founded in Lyon, France, in the spring of 2017, MESOPOTAMIA HERITAGE TM is registered under the French law of July 1st 1901.

Its headquarters’ address is : 48 BIS RUE SAINT-MICHEL 69007 LYON

License number (SIRET) : 829 899 491 00015

Courriel :

The purpose of MESOPOTAMIA HERITAGE TM is to propose a wide range of Middle-East related educational, cultural, artistic, charitable activities by the editing, production, publishing, distribution and broadcasting of documents or works of all kinds and on all media.

The project entitled « Christian Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac and Yazidi heritage in Iraq : Inventory & prospect in the service of citizenship » is the first project supported by MESOPOTAMIA HERITAGE TM. It is a multilingual website (Arabic, French, English), which presents a partial inventory of the cultural and spiritual heritage of those communities extremely vulnerable in their own country, as well as testimony illustrating the connection that these communities have with their heritage. This website entitled supports the principle of citizenship based on the acknowledgment and respect of identities and their common heritage.

This website  is at the service of the affected populations, in Iraq as in the diaspora, to help maintain this vital link that connects them to their heritage.

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