The scientific committee and our experts


Pr. Christian Cannuyer, member of MESOPOTAMIA HERITAGE’s scientific committee, Professor at the Catholic University of Lille, General Secretary of the Royal Circle of History and Archeology of Ath, Chairman of the Belgian Royal society of oriental studies, Director of the Solidarité-Orient bulletin, Director of the “Fils d’Abraham” collection (Brepols).

Charles Personnaz, member of MESOPOTAMIA HERITAGE’s scientific committee, senior civil servant, in charge of heritage and culture at l’Œuvre d’Orient.

Pr. Joseph Yacoub, member of MESOPOTAMIA HERITAGE’s scientific committee, Honorary professor at the Catholic University of Lyon, author of many books about the Assyro-Chaldeans.

Pr. Narmin Ali Amin Muhamad, member of MESOPOTAMIA HERITAGE’s scientific committee, archeologist at the University of Salahaddin in Erbil. Co-director of the French mission in Bazyan, member the French archeologist mission of Qasr Shemamok. International expert on Iraqi Christian Heritage.


Ibrahim Shaaba Lallo, member of the Municipal Council of Bartella (Ninawa), interpreter-translator, specialist in the the Assyro-chaldean-syriac heritage. He accompanies most of the visits and drafts many of the documents used for the preparation of the memos.

Joseph Alichoran, teacher of soureth (modern eastern Syriac) at the INALCO. He collects all sources necessary for all explored locations.

Fadel Toma, native Assyro-chaldean, speaks Arabic and Kurdish. He created the Hozaya Center. He collects documents, contributes to the identification of heritage locations, translates to French and Arabic a number of documents published on this website and does translation works for the MESOPOTAMIA /KTO video clips.

Father Jean-Marie Mérigoux, Dominican priest, author of a report on the Iraqi Christian heritage. His work on Mosul is essential.

Birgül Açıkyıldız-Şengül, University Professor, reknowned specialist of the Yazidi heritage.

Jean-Michel Potin, archivist at the Saulchoir Dominicain Library in Paris. He provides for the MESOPOTAMIA HERITAGE project the archives of the Mosul Fund.


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