Pascal Maguesyan, Project manager of MESOPOTAMIA HERITAGE TM. Author of several books about the eastern Christians, photographer and former journalist, he is responsible for launching this testimonial and heritage inventory project. He collects all the information from experts and available sources. He drafts all memos in French and takes part in the selection of locations and in most visits in Iraq.


Pauline Bouchayer, sent by FIDESCO and the Saint-Irénée Foundation, she completed a two-year mission with her husband between 2016 and 2018 for the benefit of the displaced Christian community currently in Iraqi Kurdistan. For the MESOPOTAMIA HERITAGE TM project, she works as a volunteer on the field to help in the selection of locations, the organization of visits and the contact with all local civilian and religious people invested in this endeavour.


Shahad al Khoury, interpreter in French and Arabic, born in Mosul. She has studied and worked in France. She is currently journalist at Radio Al Salam in Erbil.


Maria Mardirossian Siwajian, University student. She lives in France. Syrian native, member of the Armenian community, she does translation works in Arabic and French for this website’s memos and for the MESOPOTAMIA / KTO video clips.


Stéphanie Piquet-Gauthier, translator. She lives in France does translation works in French and English for this website’s memos and for the MESOPOTAMIA / KTO video clips.

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