Publication in april of the book “Mesopotamia, a heritage adventure in Iraq”

This book, Mesopotamia: a heritage adventure in Iraq, expresses our gratitude to the Iraqi people for everything they have contributed to the history of humanity since Antiquity, our compassion for the trials they face in modern times, and our support for the hope they hold.

Publication in april 2020

Heritage is the cornerstone of this adventure. Preserving and reinforcing this relationship between people and their heritage is primordial. It is also a means of bringing stability to the populations in question. Any community of people uprooted from its heritage is like a tree whose roots have been removed.

Knowing about and promoting this heritage contributes to people’s civic participation and the collective interest. This is not only a community heritage, but also an Iraqi and universal heritage.

Browsing through the pages of this book, discovering the images and reading the texts is your way of participating in this adventure, making it all the more meaningful.

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